Macgregor Industries

Queensland Industry’s destination for precision custom parts

Macgregor Industries
36 Aquarium Ave.
Hemmant, QLD 4174
Ph. 3890 1071

Precision Parts

For nearly 60 years Macgregor Industries has been meeting the high precision metal component needs of Australian and APAC customers in the commercial, mining and heavy industrial sectors.  

More than Steel

With state of the art CNC machining, lathing and milling equipment, Macgregor Industries produce bespoke and commodity parts made of: brass, steel, stainless steel, alloys, aluminium, and industrial plastics, to meet the growing and evolving needs of the industries served.

Since 1962

Founded in 1962 by H.J. Kidd to meet the needs of Brisbane-based industrial manufacturers who require high precision, high quality metal and alloy parts, Macgregor Industries has recently completed a merger with leading aluminium tower producer Telco Antennas Pty Ltd.